This weekend I went to my parents’ home and I wanted to clean my room and get rid of the things I don’t need anymore, since I moved out a few years ago. While searching through my old stuff I found an old makeup bag with some of my first cosmetic products. It all came back to me… so I will share with you how my passion for makeup and fashion started.

I don’t know why, but I just loved makeup and beauty products since I was a little girl. I think I was five years old when I found my mom’s nail polishes and I just had to try those on. And, of course, her heels :))

I remember like it was yesterday that my relatives from USA used to come to visit my family every other summer or so. They would always bring a lot of goodies you couldn’t find in Romania and while I was a child it was like heaven on earth and the highlight of the summer. I always loved to spend time with them, especially with my aunts, who were in their twenties and whom I admired very much. They were so nice and sweet and beautiful. I remember I was so curious about their makeup and nails and what they wore. When I was seven, just before going to school in the first grade, they painted my nails for the first time with a clear nail polish. I was so upset when I had to take it off, because I was not allowed to go to school with nail polish on.

One summer, when I was about ten, my aunts brought me my first nail polish and some other girly stuff. WOW! That was the best gift ever in my opinion. It contained a Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid Lip Gloss in a glittery pink shade, a Nailene nail art kit, and three Maybelline Express Finish nail polish: a white, a pink and a mauve. Afterwards, I started doing my nails weekly, practicing the french manicure, as I’ve learned from my aunts. Also, this is how I discovered Maybelline and I was fascinated by their products. Later on, I continued to buy their products and I am still a big fan.

Another gift was a makeup bag full of Clinique mini-sized products: two great mascaras (Lash Doubling Mascara), one with a lash primer, two lip glosses, a lipstick, an eye shadow trio and a body butter (Happy Heart) that smelled amazing! I only used them for special occasions, because they were so tiny and cute and I didn’t want to finish them.

Besides these, they also gave me my first magazine, the issue of InStyle from October, 2003. I still have it and I remember that my favorite article was “What Price Beauty?” with Molly Sims, describing all her makeup and beauty products and how much all costs for one year. For some reason I was amazed by all the products she had and I could only dream to have some of them one day.

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Today I still love makeup and I can say my dream came true: I have enough makeup products to last me the entire year and I can check at least two or three of them from Molly’s list :))