I’m a huge nail polish fan! I am sure all my friends know this :)) And as a huge nail polish fan, I have way too many nail polishes, so many that I couldn’t possibly finish all those until they dry out. So I started a new project: Divide and Conquer Your Nail Polishes.

The main reason of this project is that I wanted to clean my collection and use more nail polishes, not just reach for the same ones all the time and leaving the others untouched until I throw them away. I didn’t even know which ones were already dried out since I haven’t tried them in a while. Besides those I was constantly using, I didn’t know which had a good formula and were nice to apply and which didn’t. Owh… and not to mention how many duplicates I had :(.

The project’s name highlights the main steps and the result: you divide the nail polish collection and then conquer it by getting the most of your nail polishes!

I began by gathering all the nail polishes, base & top coats and treatments into a single place. Then I split them into groups, by their type an color:


I tried them on, one group at a time. It was inevitable not to find multiple nail polishes having the same shade. Some of them were already kinda dried out, others had a bad formula that could not be applied nicely on the nails or more than two coats were required to get an opaque result. But there were also a lot of great ones.

So, I split each group into three:

  • the ones to save (the newest ones, that were barely used and recently opened)
  • the ones to use up (those opened some time ago, but still having a nice consistency and a nice color or were duplicated shades for the first ones)
  • the ones to throw away (those that were dry, hard to apply, had a bad formula or had weird shades)

After I got rid of the last ones I remained with two groups that split the collection into two, almost equal, parts.

The final step of the project represents the goal to use only the second group of nail polishes until the end of the year. This will give me the opportunity to try on different shades than the ones I used to wear and also use the older bottles first. This way, those will not be thrown away without being used and also I will not have so many duplicates at the end of the year.


It’s been two weeks since I started the project and I just finished one of my favorite colors: Astor Quick’n Go! in 354. It was a older one and I could get two more uses out of it before I threw it away. Here is a picture of my nails wearing Astor Quick’n Go! in 354 and Sephora nail polish & top coat in Purple Jewelry on the accent nail. astor-red-nails

I want to tag Mada to start this project too and see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted!