This time I wanted a manicure a little bit more classic and timeless, since I will be away on a work trip for a few days.

The best option was to use the nail polishes from the Nails Inc., The Classic Collection. I found this hidden gem while shopping at Sephora, which I just could not help to buy. It contains the perfect classic nail polish shades and bestsellers (Tate, a deep classic red, St James, pillarbox red and Porchester Square, classic nude) and the mini Kensington Caviar base coat & top coat.

I chose to wear a nude shade for my nails and a bright red shade for my toes.


  • base coat: Sephora soin des ongles serum durcisseur et fortifiant (hardening & strengthening serum/nail polish) – this is good for a basic base coat, strengthens the nails and protects the nails.
  • for nails: two coats of Nails Inc. nail polish in the shade Porchester Square (443) – a very nice, creamy taupe/greige color. It has the Hero Shade sticker, which means it’s one of most popular picks from Nails Inc. It applies very smooth on nails and the finish is shiny and clean. It’s perfect for a nude manicure, but with a little twist for not being the classical nude “your-nails-but-better” type of shade. I would recommend it for the autumn-winter, because it looks better on a paler skin.
  • for toes: two coats of Nails Inc. nail polish in the shade St James (393) – a very nice, creamy true bright red. Also a Hero Shade and it well deserves its title, by being so pretty. It also applies very smooth, the results are a creamy, 100% opaque, clean and shiny finish. It’s the perfect red shade for summer, looking amazing on bronzed skin.
  • top coat: Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat – this is my favorite top coat ever! It dries every nail polish in 45 seconds and gives a gel shine finish and an amazing durability of the manicure/pedicure. It’s extremely easy to apply because of the big curved brush that covers the nails perfectly.