I was always in a search for a good top coat, but none of them were good enough… Some were just protecting the nail polish, but were not giving enough shine. Others took forever to dry. Others did nothing for the shine, neither for the resistance of the manicure… Then I found IT! This was the one for me, the PERFECT top coat: Nails Inc. 45 Second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar.

I found this hidden gem while shopping at Sephora. There was a set from Nails Inc., The Classic Collection, which I just could not help to buy. It contained the perfect classic nail polish shades and bestsellers (Tate, a deep classic red, St James, pillarbox red, and Porchester Square, classic nude) and the mini Kensington Caviar base coat & top coat.

When I first used this top coat I didn’t even think of trying to check if the nail polish was dry after 45 seconds. After my experience with other similar products I was still trying not to move my hands for at least half an hour so I won’t destroy the new manicure.

I discovered it’s fast drying power one day, when, with my recently painted nails, I stumbled and fell and hit my nails on the stairs. :)) They were painted in a hurry, with base coat, 2 coats of nail polish and this amazing top coat, just a few minutes before. They were intact!!!

Since then, I started to constantly use this top coat. The benefits of using it are incredible:

  • It gives incredible shine to every nail polish.
  • When applying it, it glides so smooth on the whole nail, due to it’s thinner formula and the big rounded brush.
  • It dries super-fast, so that by the time you finish painting the nails on the second hand, the ones on the first are completely dry.
  • You don’t have to wait for the 2 coats of nail polish to be fully dry. You can start applying the top coat right when you finish with the nail polish application.
  • Even if it appears to be slightly pinkish, it applies totally transparent on the nails.
  • It can increase the resistance of the nail polishes up to a week, because the nail polish doesn’t crack on the nails.
  • If the nails are hit or touched just a few second after applying the top coat, it won’t smudge like other top coats. It will leave a dent, but if you rub it very lightly and carefully, it will seamlessly blur and and will completely disappear. You will be left with a perfect, very shiny manicure.
  • The price is very good for this quantity: 14 ml at 61 Lei (now, you can get it with 48% discount for it, at just 31,5 Lei here).
  • It saves you a lot of time and stress for not being afraid of ruining the new manicure.
  • It is perfect when you are in a hurry: you can definitely go to school, work, or even pack and go in a trip if you like. It is also hair-washing proof!


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I recommend it for everyone. You won’t go back after you try this. Guaranteed! 😀

Here you can see a manicure using this top coat. Maybe this will convince you to try it next time 😀