Today I chose to write about a product that I purchased about half a year ago and I can say that the past 6 months were enough to give a detailed review of it. This is the latest version of the Braun hair removal systems and was released on the market this year. There are different versions of the packaging, depending on the number and the type of accessories it comes with. I have the version 9-961e for legs & body, that contains the hair removal device and 6 accessories.

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Before this one, I had a Braun Silk-epil Soft Perfection that I used for 9 years and a Philips Satinelle that I used for 4 years. Both of them were too painful to use over the knees of on the arms and they were rather breaking instead of plucking the thin hairs. With this one it’s different!

It takes about 1 hour to completely charge it completely and the battery lasts for about 45 minutes, which is enough time to remove the hairs from my legs, arms and underarms. It has a larger head than the previous versions with 40 tweezers, so in a single pass can remove about 90% of the hair. So, if you are not a perfectionist, this will be more that enough to give satisfying results. It’s more difficult to use it in the bikini area because of the large head. The pain overall is minimal and it hurts even less that waxing.

I used wet & dry and I found it gives the same great results under water as well. This is an advantage for those who prefer a bath instead of a shower.

A big plus is the light that focuses exactly on the area where you want to remove the hairs and you can see even the tiniest & thinnest ones.

The heads that come as accessories are really useful. I usually use the massage accessory to minimize the pain. The other accessory for hair removal is perfect for underarms. The shaving head and the trimmer are great options as well and work wonders.

Between the two exfoliating heads I couldn’t see a big difference. They are really nice and easy to use and exfoliate the skin. Are recommended to be used twice a week for best result and 1-2 days before the hair removal procedure. They help with ingrown hairs and keep skin at its best.

This product it’s on the pricier side, having a retail price around 180 euros. But almost all the time you can find it having a great discount and you can buy it for about 100 euros. I bought mine for 550 lei (120 euro). I found that the quality of this product is great and compared to the older versions and other brands, it gives the best results. So the price is very good for a state-of-the-art product.

Overall, the “SkinSpa” naming it’s well worth it. It’s so easy to use and gives the best and quickest results. Having multiple versions, each containing different accessories, you can pick the one it’s perfect for you and fits your needs. I definitely recommend Braun Silk-epil 9!