Hi there! I’m back with a new review ūüėÄ

About three months ago I went to a hair salon for a haircut and I was eager to buy the products that my hairstylist used on me, because I just felt in love with the smell and how my hair felt afterwards.

I bought the shampoo, Nashi Argan Shampoo, the hair mask, Nashi Argan Deep Infusion Restorative Hydrating Mask, and a thermal protection spray, Nashi Style Shine Thermo Protector Hydrating and Defence Spray.

After three months of using them I want to tell you my story with these products and my opinion on them.

Short Intro

I feel I should start by letting you know that I have long, thick, coarse, full, wavy hair. I get dandruff often if the products I use are not right for my scalp. I¬†doesn’t get greasy immediately, but I like to wash it every 2-3¬†days, since I go to the gym for aerobics classes (& intense cardio training) about 2-3 times a week.

The Products

All the products from Nashi Argan are free from sodium chloride, sulphates, phosphates or parabens.

Nashi Argan Shampoo:¬†The texture/formula is¬†clear, oily, and dense. It doesn’t contain sulphates, so it doesn’t make foam. For dense hair, a heavy shampoo like this one, that doesn’t make foam, is pretty hard to use. It’s hard to get in there and wash the roots well with it. It also requires more rinsing.¬†It comes in a bottle and I find it unpractical to use (because of the cap). Price: 67 RON for a 200 ml bottle.

Nashi Argan Deep Infusion Restorative Hydrating Mask:¬†This one is¬†a white creamy mask with a dense, heavy texture. I find this types of heavy hair masks to be the best for nourishing and restoring damaged hair. But they might as well weight the hair down.¬†I like the packaging of this one more because it’s easier to use. The product comes out by squeezing the tube. This is great because you don’t have to stick your fingers into a jar and also no other external factors come in contact with the product (water, for instance). Price:¬†92 RON for the 150 ml product version.

Nashi Style Shine Thermo Protector Hydrating and Defence Spray: The spray is clear and is spread uniformly onto the hair. It comes in a very nice, user friendly package. Price:  143 RON for 250 ml.

All of them have the same smell, which I really really like.

First Uses

I shampooed my hair twice, rinsing in between, then I applied the mask and let it soak for about 5 minutes before rinsing it. I applied the thermal protection spray on damp hair, before using the hair dryer.

The results: Silky smooth hair, deeply nourished ends and smelling incredibly good, although it felt weighted down a little. I personally loved their smell more than anything and it persisted until the next wash (for about 2 days).

After One Month

My hair became greasier and greasier after about three weeks. After one month, the roots on the back of my head, where my hair is very dense, were so greasy, they couldn’t be properly dried after washing. I felt the build-up of hair products and oils in my hair was getting worse with every wash.

I was sure that the shampoo was the problem, because of all that argan oil it contains and¬†¬†because it didn’t make foam, it was hard for me to wash the roots well enough. Also, the rinsing became a very long process and the residue would still not come off my hair. After washing, my hair felt kinda dirty, dull, and I got dandruff.

I switched the shampoo to another one, an anti-dandruff one I previously used and was okay for me. I continued to use the mask and the thermal protection spray.

After Two More Weeks

I gave Nashi Argan Shampoo another try. It was okay for the first wash, but after the second one, it started to cause problems again. I tried to rinse the hair even more, but it didn’t work. Three more uses and I had an oily, dirty, and itchy scalp, with dandruff. This time I gave up the shampoo for good.

I got back to my anti-dandruff shampoo, but I still used the hair mask and the spray.

After Three Months

The shampoo: I haven’t used it again. It was one of the worst shampoos I’ve ever tried. It was just awful… It made my hair a complete mess in just one month. Wouldn’t buy it again. Definitely not worth the money.

The hair mask:¬†I got to the last drops in three months. It’s a good hair mask, it leaves the hair, and especially the ends, very nourished and soft. Gives the hair a silky texture, but tends to weight the hair down. I thought about repurchasing it again, but I¬†don’t think I will. The price is almost acceptable, but it’s definitely not a cheap one.

The thermal protection spray: I still have a lot left of this product. But I cannot tell if it really protects hair against heat damage. It also seems to weight the hair down, so I wouldn’t recommend it for fine hair. It smells good though, so I keep using it because of this, but the smell doesn’t last. Although it seems to last forever, it’s just an overpriced product.

Would I Buy Them Again?

If you read the entire article, you probably figured out I wouldn’t buy them another time. They are overpriced and definitely not so special… but I still miss that incredible smell…