Hello there! I will start by addressing a big Thank You! to my awesome friend, Andreea, for this amazing gift! She got my boyfriend and I the Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb Gift Set for Christmas and it’s been so delightful to use them.

Let’s jump into the details:


2017-02-22-20-05-56-2The gift set contains 3 bath bombs:

Shoot for the Stars
Northern Lights


These are:

– vegan
– free from synthetic preservatives
– made with natural ingredients (clay, calamine, talc, kaolin etc.)



Shoot for the Stars

“Honey scented sparkles of Brazilian orange and bergamot waltz in a swirling, cobalt sky.”


My opinion:

Has a nice smell. Makes water turquoise with golden sparkle that linger on the skin. Leaves a soft feeling on the skin, due to the essential oils. This one was my favorite one.


2017-02-22-20-05-56-4Northern Lights

“Witness streams of starlit colour, while you wrap up in evocative jasmine and ylang ylang cheer.”


My opinion:

Subtle smell. Gives water a dim greenish color after it’s completely dissolved, due to the mix of pink, yellow and blue. It has no sparkle. Leaves the skin soft and silky. I didn’t like it as much as the other ones. Also, the water color was a bit weird.



“Become a guardian of the galaxy as peppermint explodes in your bath.”


My opinion:

Has a very nice minty smell. Leaves the water colored in turquoise and full of sparkle. Very similar in results with the first one. I liked it also very much.

Special mention:2017-02-22-20-05-55

Lush doesn’t support testing on animals and humans and are trying their best to be environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately, Lush products cannot be found in Timisoara. I’m not sure if they are available in Bucuresti, since I know there are some Lush stores there.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried the bath bombs and what do you think of them.