Last year, for my birthday, I received a very nice gift from a friend. It was this cute box, containing three Sabon products.

2016-07-27 20.00.44

I starting using them a while after I received them because I had other products I wanted to finish first. Now one of them is almost used up so I decided it’s time to make a review.

Aren’t you curious what’s in the box? I bet you are!

The packaging is beautiful. They really paid attention to details when delivering their products.

Take a look. Can you guess them?

Tada! Here they are:

2016-07-27 20.02.55

The products look expensive and have a luxurious perfume and ingredients. They are free from SLS, parabens, mineral oils, and alcohol. Let’s get into details:


Sabon Body Dew Deep Love

– A Refreshing body spray – Alcohol & Oil Free –
They say:

Refreshing body dew based on pure water and subtle essences. Does not contain oil or alcohol. The dew fits easily into the handbag and can be taken in travels. Deep Love – patchouli – lavender – vanilla, for a romantic day.

My opinion:

It has a sweet smell and I find it more suitable during colder days. I use it instead of perfume during the day and the perfume lasts for a long time on the skin. I also like to spray it on some tissue paper and line the closet with it to keep the clothes smelling nice and fresh. I don’t think I would buy it only because I have a lot of perfumes already.

Buy it here:


Sabon Body Lotion Lavender Rose

– Enriched with Olive Oil & Almond Oil – For all skin types – Paraben & Mineral oil free –
They say:

A classic nourishing body lotion. For soft skin with a long lasting scent. A light and delicate texture, with a high percentage of moisture because of its natural oils. contain vitamins that help skin regeneration: Olive oil, Avocado, Wheat germ that are Rich in omega 3+6+7+9 and vitamins A and E.

My opinion:

I love its smell and texture. I keep it on my nightstand and I apply it before going to bed. Sometimes I use it as a hand cream. It has a silky soft texture, it’s absorbed very quickly and it’s not greasy. The smell persists for a few hours. I would buy it myself because it comes in this lovely glass textured bottle with a pump and it’s so perfect for keeping it at hand on my nightstand.

Buy it here:


Sabon Body Scrub Golden Iris

– Based on natural Dead Sea Salt – Sparkling – SLS & Paraben free –
They say:

A combination of sea salt and essential oils for revitalizing the skin and keeping it shiny and soft. Based on soy oil and almond oil, enriched with minerals and essential ingredients. The salt granules gently remove dead cells and renew the skin, leaving it silky smooth. The oils have a lasting and soothing effect on the skin, making it feel light.

My opinion:

They should have mentioned with capital letters: “This products should not be used by persons with evil little balls of fur with sharp teeth and claws! It’s not suitable for sensitive skin damaged through playful more or less violent scratches and bites from these creatures.”. It hurts bad, really bad, if you have a cut, scratch or irritated skin because it’s made with salt. So I have to be careful and take the opportunity of the day with no new fresh kitty scratches to be able to use this product.

But the result are amazing! It is a dense product, having the texture similar to a mix of coarser salt & oil. It’s sparkles like gold sand in the sunlight. I exfoliates the skin well and leaves it soft and moisturized as if you used a dry oil. Also, the smell lingers on the skin all day long. It comes in a glass jar with a metal lid and I was scared at first not to break it since it contains oil and it’s quite heave when it’s full. Now I’m finishing it and it lasted me almost a year. For the quality and quantity it offers, it’s definitely worth the money. It’s a great body scrub, I would buy it myself!

Buy it here:

All in all, I was very pampered to receive this gift and I will make sure to get to the last drop of each of them. It’s a pleasure to use these products and I definitely recommend them!

See you soon! 😀