NOTW: January 10, 2017

Feels like having purple snowflakes on the nails ❄ wearing O.P.I. Mariah Carey Collection Liquid Sand Nail Polish in shade Can’t Let Go


Review: Moroccanoil Treatment VS. Biosilk Silk Therapy Original VS. CHI Silk Infusion

I was thinking for a while about making a comparison between Biosilk Silk Therapy Original and CHI Silk Infusion. But recently I added the Moroccanoil Treatment For All Hair Types to the collection, and I wanted to test and write about it also.

I have very thick, dense, long and wavy hair. I cannot live without hair treatments and oils because it would get dry and impossible to manage. I started using various products for my hair in the past, searched for good hair masks, tried a lot of detangling products and leave in conditioners, but the results were… meh, whatever…

5 years ago, when I discovered the Biosilk Silk Therapy Original Treatment, I was truly impressed. It only takes a small amount to put in the hair to give you the best results. I used it every single time after I washed my hair, sometimes even between washes. I used it so much that I finished about 7 bottles of it since then. It was the holy grail product for me!

About three years ago I heard about CHI Silk Infusion and all that hype around it. It was not so easy to find in stores, but I finally managed to buy it a year ago. I knew that it’s made by Farouk, the same producer of the Biosilk one and I was curious which one I would like more.

There was still one treatment to try on my wish list: the Moroccanoil Treatment. Two months ago I finally found it in a store in the mini version and I bought it. The bigger bottles were available for a while by then, but I didn’t want to buy it in the big bottle.

So this is my opinion about each of them:

Moroccanoil Treatment For All Hair Types


  • it’s a dry oil, it’s not greasy
  • for all hair types
  • doesn’t weight down the hair at all
  • you only need a very small, pea size, amount of product to distribute it evenly on the hair, starting with the ends
  • it hydrates & nourishes the hair
  • gives hair a nice, smooth texture
  • prevents hair from tangling
  • gives shine to the hair
  • tames the frizz
  • can be applied on wet or dry hair
  • smells divine


  • harder to use it from the bottle, you have to open and close the cap and it’s easy to pour more than you need if you are not careful
  • 65-90 lei for a 25 ml bottle

Biosilk Silk Therapy Original


  • it has a gel/oil texture, it’s not greasy
  • for all hair types
  • doesn’t weight down the hair at all
  • you only need a very small, pea size, amount of product to distribute it evenly on the hair, starting with the ends
  • gives hair a nice, smooth texture
  • prevents hair from tangling
  • gives shine to the hair
  • tames the frizz
  • can be applied on wet or dry hair
  • smells divine
  • the bottle cap is very easy to use


  • contains silicones
  • doesn’t give long term hydrating & nourishing results
  • 80 lei for a 67 ml bottle (exclusive in Sensiblu)

CHI Silk Infusion


  • it has a gel/oil texture, it’s not greasy
  • for all hair types
  • you only need a very small, pea size, amount of product to distribute it evenly on the hair, starting with the ends
  • gives hair a nice, smooth texture
  • prevents hair from tangling
  • tames the frizz
  • can be applied on wet or dry hair
  • the bottle cap is very easy to use


  • might weight down the hair if using more than needed
  • contains silicones
  • doesn’t give long term hydrating & nourishing results
  • the smell doesn’t appeal to everyone
  • 70 lei for a 59 ml bottle


In my opinion, those three products are very similar in what they can do. Depending on what your preferences are, I would recommend the Moroccanoil Treatment for a smooth, hydrated hair with long term results and Biosilk Silk Therapy if you are searching for that perfect, glowing, silky smooth and healthy hair in an instant. I like to use the Moroccanoil Treatment after washing my hair and Biosilk Silk Therapy to give it the polished look and prevent the hair from tangling and external factors. But if I had to go on a deserted island and took only one product, that would be Biosilk Silk Therapy!

NOTW: December 31, 2016

New Year’s Eve nails: O.P.I. Liquid Sand in the shade Stay The Night.

Christmas Home Decorations

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I prepared something special for you today, just in time for Christmas!

I just finished furnishing the living room and everything fit into place. So, for the last month I was searching for the perfect decorations for Christmas. I’ve always had a weakness for all the festive stuff and the excitement was even bigger now, getting to decorate my own home. This is how it turned out:

I wish you all have a peaceful, heart warming and lovely time with your loved ones! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P.S.: Ghost is having a wonderful time already:


Christmas is Coming: Going Home to My Parents, Makeup Packing and Getting Ready

Hi everybody! Today I’m going home to my parents for a few days, to spend the Christmas with them. Each year I was home for Christmas so it became a tradition and one of the few moments I get to spend some time with them.

Before leaving, I took some time to prepare another blog post (Surprise, surprise ^_^ Stay tuned!) and of course, I got ready, packed some stuff, along with the gifts, checked the car and drove away.

For my makeup I used:

  • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
  • Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer
  • Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer
  • Rimmel London Lasting Finish Blush in Pink Rose
  • Rimmel London Brow This Way in 02
  • Naked Eyeshadow Palette
  • L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim in Black
  • Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
  • L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Noir
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Ultra Moisturizing Dark Chocolate & Mint Lip Balm with SPF15

And this is what I packed with me:


The result is here:2016-12-24-12-37-38

I’m ready for the holidays! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And many many wonderful moments with your loved ones!


Teodora C.

Review: Braun Silk-épil 9 (9-961e legs & body) Wet & Dry epilation & exfoliation system

Today I chose to write about a product that I purchased about half a year ago and I can say that the past 6 months were enough to give a detailed review of it. This is the latest version of the Braun hair removal systems and was released on the market this year. There are different versions of the packaging, depending on the number and the type of accessories it comes with. I have the version 9-961e for legs & body, that contains the hair removal device and 6 accessories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before this one, I had a Braun Silk-epil Soft Perfection that I used for 9 years and a Philips Satinelle that I used for 4 years. Both of them were too painful to use over the knees of on the arms and they were rather breaking instead of plucking the thin hairs. With this one it’s different!

It takes about 1 hour to completely charge it completely and the battery lasts for about 45 minutes, which is enough time to remove the hairs from my legs, arms and underarms. It has a larger head than the previous versions with 40 tweezers, so in a single pass can remove about 90% of the hair. So, if you are not a perfectionist, this will be more that enough to give satisfying results. It’s more difficult to use it in the bikini area because of the large head. The pain overall is minimal and it hurts even less that waxing.

I used wet & dry and I found it gives the same great results under water as well. This is an advantage for those who prefer a bath instead of a shower.

A big plus is the light that focuses exactly on the area where you want to remove the hairs and you can see even the tiniest & thinnest ones.

The heads that come as accessories are really useful. I usually use the massage accessory to minimize the pain. The other accessory for hair removal is perfect for underarms. The shaving head and the trimmer are great options as well and work wonders.

Between the two exfoliating heads I couldn’t see a big difference. They are really nice and easy to use and exfoliate the skin. Are recommended to be used twice a week for best result and 1-2 days before the hair removal procedure. They help with ingrown hairs and keep skin at its best.

This product it’s on the pricier side, having a retail price around 180 euros. But almost all the time you can find it having a great discount and you can buy it for about 100 euros. I bought mine for 550 lei (120 euro). I found that the quality of this product is great and compared to the older versions and other brands, it gives the best results. So the price is very good for a state-of-the-art product.

Overall, the “SkinSpa” naming it’s well worth it. It’s so easy to use and gives the best and quickest results. Having multiple versions, each containing different accessories, you can pick the one it’s perfect for you and fits your needs. I definitely recommend Braun Silk-epil 9!

NOTW: December 21,2016

Getting ready for Christmas!

√ Christmas decorated home

√ Listening to Christmas songs and carols

√ Christmassy manicure

Nails done with:

  • Avon sparkly red nail polish in Ruby Slippers
  • OPI Euro Centrale Collection 2013 in Oy-Another Polish Joke and a Christmas tree sticker for the accent nail

Hair Care Routine, Favorite Hair Products & New Haircut

Good morning! I’m starting this day with a lot of enthusiasm and a new blog post. I got a new haircut and I’m very happy with the result. I will also tell you all about my hair care routine, how I keep my hair healthy and hydrated and what products I use. So let’s get into the details.

It’s been waaay to long since my last haircut. I wanted to grow my hair and I always feel that it grows too slow. Usually, I have to cut the same length of hair that grew since my last haircut. This time I thought that I could leave more between haircuts, so it will grow out more, but it didn’t. It just got more damaged at the ends. So take advice from me and cut your hair periodically, because growing damaged hair won’t help at all.

I went to my favorite salon in Timisoara, Breathless. I love Laura Rad and I always get an appointment with her because she always knows the best for my hair. What I like most when Laura cuts my hair, besides the fact that she is a very nice and open person, is that the cuts are very versatile. My hair will look amazing straight, curled or left in its natural wavy form, without much effort.

Last haircut:


My hair before:

My hair after:

Afterwards I left the salon with some goodies from Nashi, because that’s what she used on my hair and I just loved their smell and the fact that they have natural ingredients. I can’t wait to try them at home and come back with a review.


Now, let’s talk about my hair care routine. I have a lot of hair. It’s long, very dense and naturally wavy/curly. The only disturbing problem with it is that my scalp is very sensitive and I often get dandruff or an itchy scalp if the products I use on my hair are not appropriate.

My hair care routine is pretty minimal, but I feel it is effective for me and my hair. I usually wash my hair two times a week, sometimes three times if I work out more often. I start by combing my hair before getting in the shower. I apply shampoo two times and rinse well in between and after. When I have a more sensitive scalp period, I use La Roche Posay Kerium DS Anti-dandruff Intensive Micro-Exfoliating Treatment-Shampoo for persistent dandruff and intense itchiness. I found this stuff really works for me. It’s a treatment, so you should use it twice a week for 6 weeks (its only a 125 ml bottle, so it’s the right amount for this period). When I finish this I switch to a frequent use shampoo. I tried many shampoos and my current go to is Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo Cool Menthol. I really like the way it cleans my hair, it smells really nice and leaves my hair smooth.

Afterwards, I use a good hair mask. I try to remove the excess water from my hair with a towel and then I apply the mask on the ends and I clip my hair up into a bun. I love the Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Hair Mask. You can really see the difference when you’re using it. I leave it for 2-3 minutes on the hair, then I let the hair down and start combing it with a wide tooth comb, to uniformly apply the mask all over the ends and detangle the hair. You need to be very careful with combing wet hair, because it is fragile and can break easily.

There are moments when I’m in a hurry and then I will switch the mask with a nourishing conditioner. My favorite one is Garnier Ultra Doux Rich Nourishing Conditioner with Avocado Oil and Shea Butter. This makes my hair soft and detangles it very well and it only takes a minute to work.

I always end the rinsing process with colder water, to lock in the moisture. Then I put my hair in a normal or a microfiber towel. I leave it like this for as long as it takes to get ready with other stuff like makeup, cutting my nails etc. Then I take it off and apply a heat protection spray and a leave-in treatment/serum. I currently use Tigi Catwalk Straight Collection Haute Iron Spray Heat Protection Spray, CHI Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex and Biosilk Silk Therapy. I used to love the old version of the Tigi heat protection and its smell, but the new one not so much. Also, between CHI Silk Infusion and Biosilk Silk Therapy, which are made by the same producer, Farouk, I would definitely choose Biosilk. I find it more lightweight on the hair, gives better results, leaves hair very smooth and shiny and smells really good.

I usually leave my hair to air dry if I have the time, otherwise I dry my hair, insisting on the roots, for about 5 minutes but no more. I try to use the hair dryer as little as possible because it breaks my natural curls into a big fluffy mess and I also get very bored by the process. For styling, I always use a flat iron, for both straightening or curling my hair. I got to love Remington for their hair dryers, flat irons and curling wands. I have a Sapphire Pro Dryer, a Pearl Flat Iron and a Pearl Wand from them. All are amazing quality and give great results.

This is all about my hair care. I will definitely try to get a haircut at least once every 3-4 months from now on and I can’t wait to thy the Nashi products. Do you have any favorite products? How do you take care of your hair?

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Facand putina ordine in sertarul cu make-up, am gasit cateva produse pe care le-am cam neglijat in ultimul timp. Mi-ar parea rau sa ramana nefolosite, asa ca am decis sa le vand.



Paleta Urban Decay Smoked – 10 nuante de farduri, foarte pigmentate – 50 lei

Paleta Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel – 29 lei

Benefit Benetint Rose-tinted Lip & Cheek Stain 12.5 ml  – 47 lei

Livrarea se face personal in Timisoara.

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